Review | By Roger Batty / Musique Machine
Rodolphe ALEXIS | The glittering thing on the mountain
[] The tracks offer up a mix of bird, insect, frog, & bat recordings, with sometimes the backdrop of water recordings appearing from the streams that make their way through the islands greenery. These recordings were captured at different times of day, so you also get the nice mix of type of sound activity in the jungle. From the dense yet subdued simmer of the night-time jungle, through to the bright chirp & awaking of the mourning, on to the more vibrate & chatting interplay of the daytime. In summing-up The Glittering Thing On The Mountain is another well presented & conceived collection of field recordings from the Gruenrekorder label. It’s a release that mangers to whisk one off on sonically rich & often unique sound journey- that’s both soothing, beautiful and at times quite alien.

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