Review | By Roger Batty / Musique Machine
Kg Augenstern | Tentacles
Tentacles brings together a selection of bridge based field recordings made on rivers & canals between Berlin and North-East France. The release comes in the form CD, and 44 page colour booklet from respected German field recording/ sound-art label Gruenrekoder. The release charts a series of journeys made between July 2014 & November 2014 on the MS Anuschka traveling from France & Germany. As the crew of sound-recordists went under different bridges, they used special installed metal tentacles to capture the sound profile of each structure they passed under it, as well as its surrounding sound environment. In all the disc takes in eight different recordings of these sonic profiles, and two shorter tracks from the resulting art installation connected to the project- with each track lasting between one minute forty & nearing thirteen minutes. []


Review | By Adam Skyes / Musique Machine
Sonic Drawings is a four track album of found sounds, analogue and digital machines and self built instruments, and is designed to give the listener the feeling and effects of the world around us. The chasm between silence and noise and what fills that void. The musicality and richness of the machines in our world played out across the albums 50 minute span. Starting with “Wand” just under two minutes of what can only be described as a robotic cow and I’m already to stop listening to the rest of this album. The description is pretentious enough without this as as opener. However continue I do, and I have to say track two “Vinschgau” actually piques my interest a little. []

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