Review | By Hal Harmon / Musique Machine
Artificial Memory Trace & Porya Hatami | REPREMONITIUM
Gruenrekorder presents REPREMONTIUM, the second collaborative venture by Artificial Memory Trace and Porya Hatami. Available digitally in MP3 and FLAC formats, this massive single piece is a follow up to the duo’s 2015 release EVOLVA 5. While I’m not familiar with the aforementioned album, I have spent quite a bit of time absorbing many of Artificial Memory Trace’s sounds. The moniker of Czech-born sound sculptor, Slavek Kwi, AMT crafts some exceptional field recording soundscapes. Porya Hatami is an Iranian-based sound artist that toils in ambient, minimalist sounds. Field recordings, minimalist sounds, Gruenrekorder….does that sound like the perfect synergy? Yeah, pretty much. []

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