Review | By Duncan Simpson / Musique Machine
Angus Carlyle | In The Shadow Of The Silent Mountain
In keeping with Gruenrekorder’s pedigree in curating immersive multi-media experiences centred on field recordings, Angus Carlyle’s In the Shadow of the Mountain does not disappoint. The work consists of fifty 100 word texts and 33 split page photographs (presented in two accompanying booklets) and a composed series of field recordings captured over a three year period in the Picentini mountain area of Southern Italy. Immediately on perusing the booklets one senses aspects of the mystical and spiritual in Carlyle’s project. A quote from René Daumal’s Mount Analogue on the necessary invisibility of the mountain summit draws our attention to Carlyle’s ’silent‘ mountain; a silence which for the sound recordist is comparable to Daumal’s invisibility. []

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