Review | By Beach Sloth
Thomas M. Siefert & Lasse-Marc Riek
rhein_strom | von der rheinquelle bis hafen karlsruhe
Documenting a surrealist walk is the busy atmospherics of Thomas M. Siefert & Lasse-Marc Riek’s “rhein_strom von der rheinquelle bis hafen Karlsruhe”. Nicely merging the natural with the industrial tinged landscape the sound truly has love for its surroundings. The analysis of the sound works wonders as well for the duo utilizes light edits to further emphasize exactly how exactly the world interacts. Within the tapestry of sound there are found conversations, mechanical churns, and birdsong that is woven together. Rather than focus on any one of these the duo incorporates them altogether as a greater whole. []

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