Review | By textura
Christina Kubisch & Annea Lockwood | The secret life of the inaudible
Though this double-CD collaboration between sound artists Christina Kubisch and Annea Lockwood comes with the kind of pulpy title one might expect from a ‘60s TV sci-fi episode, it actually represents the project content in literal terms. One of the more fascinating things about the recording (and something of which I constantly remind myself as I attend to its seventy-four minutes) is that the sounds presented didn’t originate as audible material but rather as non-audible phenomena and energy fields the artists translated into audible form. Even to characterize the originating materials as being below the threshold of human audibility is a misrepresentation when Kubisch and Lockwood, despite using different techniques, function as sound mediums, channels through which sonic waves sourced from natural and cosmic sources turn into listenable material. Issued in a 500-copy edition as part of Gruenrekorder’s Soundscape Series, the release presents four pieces, two of them credited to Kubisch and Lockwood individually and the other two collaborations. []

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