Review | By Duncan Simpson / Musique Machine
Christina Kubisch & Annea Lockwood | The secret life of the inaudible

Something of an event release this for Gruenrekorder; The Secret Life of the Inaudible is a double CD collaboration between the New Zealand born American composer Annea Lockwood (She of A Sound Map of the Hudson River and numerous brutalised pianos in the 1970s) and Christina Kubisch who’s most recent release on Gruenrekorder was Unter Grund a record which made use of material collected appropriately enough beneath the earth’s surface at various locations in the area of the Ruhr in Germany. For this joint endeavour the artists exchanged a wealth of material derived from the inaudible sounds that are usually out of the frequency range for humans. Kubisch contributes electromagnetic recordings made while travelling through cities such as Montreal, Paris, Dortmund and Bangkok. Lockwood contributes a range of sources for her recordings which go from the earthly ultrasound of a Scots pine to massively sped up solar oscillations recorded from space! Just the list of sound sources puts this release into something of a class of its own. []

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