Review | By Aurelio Cianciotta / Neural
Marc Namblard | F.Guyana
Marc Namblard is no stranger to audio-naturalistic approaches – we could remember his previous release on labels like Nashvert, Ouïe-Dire e Kalerne – and in fact even to the exploration of open-air spaces in French Guiana, which have already been the subject of long recordings. The sound collage of those first auditory captures – field recordings made between the dry season and the “little rainy season” – clearly leave a strong impression on the Parisian investigator who, for this release on the prestigious Gruenrekorder, has this time chosen, always at the same time of year, the coastal regions, surely no less charmless than other, in the forest and in the savannah, still rich in different and well detailed vibrating frequencies, of resonant fragments and enveloping iterations. []

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