Review | By TJ Norris / Toneshift
Voll.Halb.Langsam.Halt | Gregory Büttner
Hamburg-based field recordist Gregory Büttner delivers his latest, Voll.Halb.Langsam.Halt, a singular work, an electroacoustic composition based on the stereo sound of two contact mics upon a metallic steamboat, runs for about thirty-six minutes. The recording starts with lots of jittering, growing slightly voluminous in short time. It’s as though Büttner is settled in the engine room with loose old mechanics. However, the shimmies are somewhat engaging, like rickety beats. IN-SITU AHOY: He’s managed to capture all sorts of unusual gadgets in action, with a dad that was a longshoreman, this grabs my ears by the drums. So many unusual squeeky, roaring percussive elements, mechanical drone and various rotors in action – it’s quite exciting. []

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