Review | By Ed Pinsent / The Sound Projector
szmt | PARVENU
Dolcis Concordiae Fructus
Parvenu (GRUENREKORDER GRUEN 178) is an interesting sound-construction piece put together by szmt, the new alias for German Tobias Schmitt, an electronic shrieker who may be familiar to fans of the Attenuation Circuit label (we like that label but were not sent any of his 2016 releases). Parvenu isn’t electronic music exactly but is based on field recordings of bees. More specifically he took the recordings from three beehives found in the Senckenberg Institut in Frankfurt, right where the bees are thickest. He’s given the four suites quite lengthy and loaded titles, each one like the chapter of a book, and he intends the package as social commentary – it’s a “work about authoritarian structures”. []

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