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Field Notes is a free bi-lingual magazine published by the German label Gruenrekorder, edited by Daniel Knef and Lasse-Marc Riek. Generally speaking our magazine is concerned with the phenomenon of sound from the most varied perspectives: artists, musicians, journalists and scientists add to Field Notes with their essays, interviews, travelogues, anecdotes, notes and picture series.

FN #4: 20/21 | Jan. 2021

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Eight years since its last issue Field Notes returns with a new design, and for the first time also accompanied by two (freely available) audio releases. In this all-new collection we present the writings and “audio-textual” contributions of Janko Hanushevsky (on the meaning behind every-day sounds and how they do play into his artistic work), Aleksandar Vejnovic (sharing memories about his ears capturing sounds from afar and how the microphone shapes the recording artist’s experience and work), Eli Neuman-Hammond (exploring the microphone-recorder as a creative tool and its role as a descriptive apparatus), and Ludwig Berger (on a long-form field recording that he captured in an abandoned structure in Zurich and the unequal perceptions one place can elict in different people).


  1. Janko Hanushevsky: The Language of Sounds (Die Sprache der Geräusche)
  2. Aleksandar Vejnovic: Listening Into Distance (Selected Memory Fragments as Word Gestalt)
  3. Eli Neuman-Hammond: Descriptive Sounds + 4 Recordings
  4. Ludwig Berger: White Elephant (Notes on an Entangled Field Recording) + 1-hour Recording


Daniel Knef, Lasse-Marc Riek.
Ludwig Berger, Janko Hanushevsky, Eli Neuman-Hammond, Aleksandar Vejnovic.
Ludwig Berger, Janko Hanushevsky, Aleksandar Vejnovic.
Chiara Dollak, Michael Englert, Henry Hammond, Florian Koller, Matthias Volmer/scanvision.
Layout & Implementation
Daniel Knef.

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