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Field Notes is a free bi-lingual magazine published by the German label Gruenrekorder, edited by Daniel Knef and Lasse-Marc Riek. Generally speaking our magazine is concerned with the phenomenon of sound from the most varied perspectives: artists, musicians, journalists and scientists add to Field Notes with their essays, interviews, travelogues, anecdotes, notes and picture series.

FN #3: Traces | Aug. 2012

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Traces begins with Tom Lawrence’s fascinating and soon unsettling insights into Ireland’s largest wetland Pollardstown Fen and its ongoing destruction through men. Furthermore he describes his elaborate attempt to record the fen’s rich world of water beetles and talks about the startling discoveries he’s made. ♦ Regarding the question ‘Phonography: Art or Documentation?’ sculptor Scott Sherk examines the history of photography and its parallels to the developing world of phonography via selected historical imagery. ♦ From moments of excited listening in his childhood Jim Cummings carries us to the founding of his label EarthEar and his eventual step into scientific fields with the Acoustic Ecology Institute. ♦ ‘Something which lasts, passes by’ is Marcus Kürten’s diverse and diverting collection of (mostly) joyous hearing memories from 36 sound artists’ childhood days. ♦ Researcher Hein Schoer grants insight into his cultural soundscape project The Sounding Museum and the formation and reception of his soundscape composition Two Weeks in Alert Bay. ♦ The magazine closes with Budhaditya Chattopadhyay’s 3-monthlong hearing and recording journey through the sound-world of Bangalore – sharing his experiences, discoveries and thoughts.


  1. Tom Lawrence: The Waterbeetles of Pollardstown Fen
  2. Scott Sherk: Phonography: Art or Documentation?
  3. Jim Cummings: My Ears will Never be the Same
  4. Marcus Kürten et al.: ‘Something Which Lasts Passes By’ – A Collection of Hearing Memories
  5. Hein Schoer: The Sounding Museum – Between Art and Science: Cultural Soundscapes in Museum Pedagogy
  6. Budhaditya Chattopadhyay: Soundhunting in a City – Chronicles of an Urban Field Recording Expedition


Daniel Knef, Lasse-Marc Riek.
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Daniel Knef, Lasse-Marc Riek.
Budhaditya Chattopadhyay, Jim Cummings, Marcus Kürten et al., Tom Lawrence, Hein Schoer, Scott Sherk.
Tina-Lis Chavanon (German), Daniel Knef (German, English), Diana Richtsteiger (English).
Daniel Knef, Janko Hanushevsky, Marcus Kürten, Daniel Schiller, Marc Yeats.
Pat Badt (portrait), Barbara Booth (portrait), Anja Brunsfeld (portrait), Indrajit Chatterjee (portrait), Budhaditya Chattopadhyay, Daniel Knef, Hein Schoer, Scott Sherk, Thomas Siefert, Darren Smith.
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Eugène Atget, Bernd & Hilla Becher, Karl Blossfeldt, Robert Demachy, Gustave Le Gray, Charles Marville, Auguste Mestral, Eadweard Muybridge.
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