Merzouga / Photo by Michael Englert


Since 2002 computermusician Eva Pöpplein and electric bassist Janko Hanushevsky have been working together as a duo, performing free improvised music and composing music for radio, film and theater. In their ars acustica-works the two are seeking new ways of working musically with field-recordings. The fusion of mechanically prepared and unprepared bassguitar with live-electronics and field-recordings form the duo´s characteristic sound.


Commissioned works include compositions a.o. for German nationwide public radio Deutschlandradio Kultur, Deutschlandfunk, ZDF/arte, Münchner Volkstheater, Hebbel am Ufer Theater Berlin, Staatstheater Kassel and Akademie Musiktheater heute. They were awarded the Prix Marulić 2011/Documentary Catgory for their piece „Milomaki – Oblivion and Disappearance“ (Deutschlandfunk 2011) that is based on 100 year old field-recordings on historic wax-cylinders.
Photo: © Jörg Küster |



Merzouga: “52°46’ North 13°29’ East – Music for Wax-Cylinders” (Gruen 124/13)
Merzouga: “Mekong Morning Glory” (Gruen 092/11)