Gruenrekorder ::. Phonography & Sound Art --- Gruenrekorder understands itself as an organisation with the aim of promoting soundworks and phonography. Phonography considers nature / the environment as an acoustic experience, loaden with musical sounds. It is as a form of art and culture, that Gruenrekorder promotes phonography. We therefore organise events, lectures, publications and exhibitions as well as artistic projects in the fields of phonography and soundwork.


New Releases:
Melissa Pons & Nils Mosh: ‘Of Wolves and People
BMB con.: ‘Μεσσήνη (Μαυρομμάτι)
Hannes Seidl: ‘Befreit die Maschinen
Angélica Castelló: ‘Catorce reflexiones sobre el fin
Christoph Korn & Lasse-Marc Riek: ‘series invisible
Nicola Di Croce: ‘Affects and aesthetic speculations
Feb. 2023 | Field Notes #5: 22/23


Upcoming Releases