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DtArNaCcE DmAuNsCiEc | Alec Finlay and Andrew Hodson

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a new bookscape


DtArNaCcEe DmAuNsCiEc is a new collaboration between Alec Finlay and Andrew Hodson – a field recording of the sounds of the dancers and dance classes performing on location at Dance City (Newcastle-upon-Tyne). The sounds were (re)composed into DmAuNsCiEc by Andrew Hodson. This CD booklet features Hodsons‘ bricollage, essays by Finlay and Hodson and an animated poem. The work also exists as a jukebox in Dance City. ‚


The contact between feet and the floor is the moment of the dance, the constant relationship of gravity, body and earth. The sound of soles and toes beating against or brushing the floor is something that the audience usually only experience as an undertone, concealed by the regular beat of music, as their attention is taken up by the spectacle, DtArNaCcEe is the sound of the dance: then the wheel turns and the recordings are (re)composed into music and returned to the dancers.‘ (Alec Finlay)


The project was predicated on one rule: that the composition should be made from only the sounds of feet touching the floor, speeded up or slowed down, conveying the subtle vibration of the dance and mimicking the expression of the dancers. (Andrew Hodson)


DtArNaCcEe DmAuNsCiEc is the third in a series of bookscapes – an innovative series of publications created by Alec Finlay and platform projects, exploring extended experiences of reading.


Image © Laura Harrington, 2006


Artist: Alec Finlay Musical compositions: Andrew Hodson Publishers: platform projects, morning star and Dance City Format: 12 pages, pb CD, b/w ISBN: 09546831-8-8, Release Date: 28th February 2006


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Alec Finlay was born in Scotland in 1966 and is an artist, poet and publisher. He lives and works in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Alec is currently Visiting-Artist at Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Recent books include Shared Writing, Ludwig Wittgenstein: There Where You Are Not, and Wind Blown Clouds. bookscapes was preceded by the pocketbooks series (2000-02) and small press series (2002-05).


Andrew Hodson was born in Morecambe in 1979 and lives and works in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. He is a sound and visual artist, musician and composer working predominantly with recorded sound. Andrew’s CD albums include Map Music (Beautiful Pigeon Records/Nexus, 2002) composed from recorded sounds on the Tyne and Wear Metro system; In Your Heart You Will Find Your Dreams (Try Records/Lime Art, 2004) made in collaboration with employees and service users in a mental health unit (Manchester); and The Matinee Orchestra (Arable, 2006) which uses archived recordings of musicians and found sounds. Further information: ENDS


Notes to editors: bookscapes is published by platform projects (formally pocketbooks), a creative organisation based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne that produces innovative and collaborative visual arts and literature projects. With new publications encompassing public art, sound recordings and digital animation, platform projects encourages a generative approach to all artforms.

Further details contact platform projects: +44 (0) 191 265 6699, Image © Laura Harrington, 2006


1 DtArNaCcEe (DT) tap (group)

2 DmAuNsCiEc (DM) part I


3 DT flamenco (Raul Calderon, soleà por buleria)

4 DM part II

5 DT ballet (echappée)

6 DM part III

7 DT pilates

8 Dt contemporary (Dora Frankel Group)

9 DM part IV

10 Dt Irish dance (Helen Driver, heavy reel)

11 Dt rumble (Happy Saturday, group)

12 DM part V

13 Dt contemporary/independent (Caroline Bowditch/Fiona Wright, girl jonah)


14 DT contemporary (Simon Birch)

15 DM part VI

16 DT boyz only freestyle (group)

17 DT capoeira (group)

18 DM part VII

19 DT salsa (solo)

20 DM part VIII


21 DM part IX

22 Dt ballet (grand jeté)

23 DM part X


24 DT Argentine tango

25 DM part XI

26 DT frantic (group)

27 DM part XII

28 DT contemporary (FATHoM Project, improvisation)

29 DM part XIII

30 DT contemporary (group, bison)

31 DT street jazz (group)

32 DM part XIV

33 DT mania (senior youth group)

34 DT ballet (petit sauté)

35 DM part XV

36 DT contemporary (Laura Pedersen)

37 DM part XVI


38 DT capoeira


38 Tracks (41’06")
CD (+Animation)


platform projects, morning star, Dance City / 2006


Gruenrekorder / Germany / 2006 / GrD 02 / LC 09488