Alexander Möckl - Foto: Fabian Möckl


Alexander “Poembeat” Möckl
(b. 1966) is a composer, producer, and guitarist based in Augsburg, Germany. His permanent sound installation Private Transport, a collaboration with Gerald Fiebig, combining the sounds of traffic in an underpass with a drone-based soundtrack, is documented on Gruenrekorder. Means of transportation are also a recurring topic across Möckl’s various musical projects, from the re-invention of The Midnight Special with his experimental blues outfit The Leadbelly Project to the composition Last Train on his recent Poembeat CD Mind released on attenuation circuit. In addition to his artistic projects, Möckl operates the label Music for Open Minds.





Gerald Fiebig & Alexander Möckl: „Private Transport“ (GrDl 133/13)