Peter Kutin / Photo: MARKUS GRADWOHL (cc-by-nc)


Peter Kutin
* 1983 in the Austrian countryside
works with sound; officially registered as composer & producer in Vienna but finds himself permanently in transit.


produced a wide variety of works ranging from studio-productions to live-performances, film-scores, theater-productions, installations and radio-plays. Over the years Kutin has gained a great deal of expertise in the art of field recordings, often realising projects in remote regions of the world. With an affinity for extreme situations and conditions, he continues to push his recording techniques to their limits, whether capturing the sound of sand movement in deserts or the crackling of salt crystals when contracting. His field-works have led him through steep mountain ranges, jungles, deserts, into glacier gaps, volcanoes, protest marches, war zones, and even into prison; experiencing sound as a physical and psychological force creates a sense of urgency that leads to a better understanding of the material and a clearer idea of the orchestration and arrangements.
Kutin’s approaches and aesthetics towards ‚capturing and editing sound‘ have become more and more interesting not only within the limited field of the music-industry (studio & stage) but also for film and theater directors who place a strong focus on the sound aesthetics of their productions; among them are international award-winning directors such as Nikolaus Geyrhalter, Billy Roisz, Daniel Hösl (Tiger Award @ Rotterdam Film Festival 2013) or Fritz Ofner. Kutin’s works and collaborations have been presented and performed at various international festivals. His collaborations reach far beyond the fields of music and composition; not only into other forms of art, but also investigative journalism or documentation.


Worked and cooperated with (selection)
Billy Roisz, Martin Siewert, Burkhard Stangl, dieb13, Nikolaus Geyrhalter, Tetsuya Umeda, Mario De Vega, Daniel Hösl, Christina Kubisch, Dario SanFillipo, Hannes Lingens, Christian Weber, KK Null, God’s entertainment, …


Awards & Scholarships
best sound design (for Soldate Jeanette) DIAGONALE Film-festival 2013
austrian scholarship for new music 2009 AUSTRIAN ministry for CULTURE
honorable mention for the composition ‚Desert Sound‘ PIARS awards 2013


Radiophonic works
desert-sound (52’00“) WDR3 – studio acoustic arts , 2013
burmese days (52’00“) ORF OE1 –  Hörbilder – 2013
radio trottoir (52’00“) ORF OE1 – Hörbilder , 2012
Soundscape Workshop Palermo (50’00“) framework – Resonance FM , 2011
Aufhören (38’00“) ORF OE1 – Kunstradio , 2010
Attinar – field recordings from Iceland (20’00“) rhozlas – radiacustica , 2009
Giza é ruh – field recordings from northern India (38’00“) ORF OE1 – Kunstradio , 2008


panora (2006 / u-cover) [solo]
menora (2007 / karate joe) [solo]
() (2007 / u-cover) [dirac]
emphasis (2009 / spekk) [dirac]
phon (2010 / valeot) [dirac]
graz-revisited DVD (2010 / film archiv austria) [filmscore]
krems & wachau DVD (2011 / film archiv austria) [filmscore]
ivory (2012 / valeot) [solo]
elegies in thoughtful neon (2013 / liska) [mimu]
burmese days (2014 / Gruenrekorder) [solo feat. dieb13 and berndt thurner]
we shrack! because you don’t (2014 / liska) [shrack!]


Festival Appearances (selection)
Unsound Festival – New York, USA 2011
Simultan Festival – Timisoara, Romania 2012
Tsonami Festival – Valparaiso , Chile 2012
Donaufestival – Krems 2009, 2011
Listening Cities Festival – Korfu , 2012
Reheat Festival – Nickeldorf, 2011
Ring Ring Festival – Belgrade , 2009
EucUE Festival – Montreal , 2009
Viennale Film Festival – Vienna , 2010
Diagonale Film Festival – Graz , 2011
Konfrontationen – Nickelsdorf , 2011, 2008
Berlinale Film Festival , 2014
Rotterdam Film Festival, 2013
Sundance Film Festival, 2013


Peter Kutin: “burmese days” (Gruen 132/14)