David Vélez


David Vélez
was born in Bogotá. He moved to New York City In 2002 and returned to Colombia In 2010. He holds a M.A. in Fine Arts from the Universidad Nacional de Boogotá.


Since 2006 David has participated in a series of exhibitions and sound art and music festivals such as:


Efimerx (Bogotá, Colombia 2014)
Tsonami (Valparaíso, Chile 2013)
Sonósferas (Bogotá, Colombia 2013)
50ha / 50m²  (Bogotá, Colombia 2013)
Reminiscencias Sonoras (Bogotá, Colombia 2013)
Arte Ocupa (Santa María, Brazil 2013)
Aural detritus (Brighton, UK 2013)
In the Field (London, UK 2013)
Deriva y Catástrofe (Bogotá, Colombia 2013)
Transversal Sonora (Bogotá, Colombia 2012)
Frequencias (Medellín, Colombia 2012)
Cacería de Brujas (Bogotá, Colombia 2011)
Densidades (Bogotá, Colombia 2011)
Intermedios (Bogotá, Colombia 2011)
Internacional Ruidística (Bogotá, Colombia 2010)
Fine Diving (NYC, USA 2008)
Rake Festival (NYC, USA 2007)
Photophono (NYC, USA 2006)


David Vélez also works as content manager, curator and publisher for Impulsive Habitat a label he co-founded on 2009 that focuses on the publication of phonographic and musique concrete works. In 2011 David Vélez founded the journal The Field Reporter which is focused on the criticism and review of phonographic and musique concrete based works.


David Vélez: “The wait” (GrDl 142/14)