Darkness in Daylight | Pierce Warnecke


Darkness in Daylight | Pierce Warnecke
Sound compositions based on field recordings from dark places.
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“… and only then can passer-bys catch a glimpse of what lies at the bottom of these holes, where night lives during the day.”
– E. Zola, Thérèse Raquin


What if darkness is not the absence of light, but rather a creeping imperceptible matter that, like air, swirls around us, filling up every last space in the evening until sunlight is blocked and we can no longer see our surroundings? What if night was not the absence of daylight, but instead a black mist that blocks light, the way water does at the bottom of the ocean? And if sounds are forced to travel through this thick blackness, does it modify the way my recording device perceives them?
Then in the morning, where would the darkness go? To where would it creep back and hide during daytime? I would guess that darkness hides in caves, tunnels, basements, air vents, thick forests or underground parking lots- therefore these are the places I recorded the source material for „Darkness in Daylight“. – Why? – Well if we cannot see darkness, then maybe we can hear it.


Track list:


1. A Series of Past Events to Come
2. Exceptions
3. Slow Interpolation Between Two Memories
4. Three Studies (A Normal)
5. Three Studies (B Expanded)
6. Three Studies (C Compressed)
7. Sliver of Daylight
8. Speck of Darkness
9. Instant Translations to Distinct Places










09 Tracks (47′01″)


“Darkness in daylight” is a statement of contradictions, opposites: an oxymoron. The piece will explore contrasts in time, frequency, energy, etc. This phrase also implies the co-existence of two polar opposites, or finding something very different than what one was expecting. This could be a basic description of surprise, or unexpectedness. Therefore there will be strange cuts, unforeseen endings, plays on expectations and normal “rules” of sound arrangement and musical composition. This will be the basis on which the piece will be built, without falling into the trap of making unexpected things the new norm, and therefore expected (!). Darkness in Daylight supposes there are always sounds hidden within sounds, that out of something light, some darkness can occur – or is it the other way around?


Soundscape Series by Gruenrekorder
Gruenrekorder / Germany / 2014 / GrDl 138 / LC 09488