Carsten Klook


Carsten Klook

born in Hamburg, 1959

author, musician and journalist since 1982


played guitar in several bands:

Pyjama Boys, Galerie Global (with Christian Hartje, Ex-Bassplayer of Element Of Crime), Zitittiter (with the movie director and opera singer Zoltan Spirandelli), SchwesterSchwester (with Christa Thelen and Ingo Schepper), Sportland Super Subs (with Ingo Schepper, Sascha Siebenmorgen and Pari Dee), Tasche (with Fiona McKenzie (Mountaineers, Halma) and Andreas Voss (Fink, Halma)), & (with Christian Henjes, former member of 39 Clocks), Mohair (with Silk Gate and Jan-Ole Jörn) and also with the Travelling Dylans (with Christian Henjes, Andy Giorbino and others).


1994 radio play: "Die Reise nach Worpswede" (Radio Bremen)

2004 "Senna!" narrative, textem-Verlag

2005 "Korrektor" novel, textem-Verlag



Carsten Klook: "Halbe Portion Jubel" (Gr 034/05)
Carsten Klook & Tasche: "Talk Slalom" (Gr 039/06)

V.A.: "Gruenrekorder AudioArt Compilation 03" (Gruen 041/06)