Uwe Rasch


Uwe Rasch
Studied at the University of Bremen and at the Conservatory of Art and Music, Bremen; guest in the composition class of Rolf Riehm, Frankfurt; scholarship recipient of the Conservatory of Bremen; worked for some years as a freelancer at Radio Bremen; adjunct at the School for the Arts Bremen until 2008; music educator, cofounder and employee of neue musik bremen; member of the artist’s group stock11.
Most of Rasch’s work feature audio-visual combinations, gestural, semi-staged, concert-installation moments as well as the most diverse similarities between body (movement) and sound; sound impressions very often develop in collaborations with actors, dancers, singers, and video artists.
2013 CD/DVD: Musik als Leibesübung 1993 – 2009



Uwe Rasch: „aus vierundzwanzig“ (Gruen 161/15)