Nikola Lutz


Nikola Lutz
studied saxophone in Bordeaux and Stuttgart and has made a name for herself as a saxophonist of new and experimental music. Her constant interest in developing creative literature for the saxophone is marked by numerous premiers. She has been a lecturer in classical saxophone at the Conservatory for Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart since 2006. In 2010, she was awarded first prize and the audience prize at the International Saxophone Competition in Paris.
In addition to her active concert schedule, Nikola Lutz engages with electronic composition and the possibilities to expand the instrument through electronics. Electronic and acoustic sound worlds overlap and find new aesthetic points of contact in her sound sculptures, which exist somewhere between composed and improvised New Music. She is especially interested in interdisciplinary concepts, such as her series “GraphicSound”, where graphic scores and modified vinyl are confronted with audiovisual perception and sound design.
In addition to the saxophone, she began to play the tárogató, an Eastern European folk instrument, in 2013. Since then, she has been working on establishing new literature for the instrument. She has gone on tour with classical and experimental music throughout the US, China, Brazil, Russia, India and European countries. In 2015, she became a cofounder and the chair of the Stuttgarter Kollektiv für aktuelle Musik.


Invading Pleasures (Nikola Lutz & Mark Lorenz Kysela): “Infinite Jest” (Gruen 156/15)