Achim Zepezauer / Photo: André Symann


Achim Zepezauer
does something. Sometimes he also does nothing. Mostly his output is audible. Though once in a while there are things to see, too. However, his appetite for weird stuff is as old as can be. He listened to Studio Elektronische Musik at the radio since his childhood and bought vinyl as soon as he had collected enough pocket money to spend. Like others, he has collaborated with quite some people. As one would suppose by someone who appears as sort of a musician, he has released stuffs on different media and continues to do so even live on stage. At age 19 he studied fine arts in the Netherlands and made a decision to primarily channel this multidisciplinary sensibility into his work as a musician, improvisor and songwriter after choosing to leave the academy. Now based in Dortmund, Germany, some of his achievements have been: awarded the jazzwerkruhr prize in 2006 for his DVD „Kuhzunft“, featuring his films and music videos // changing of his name from Kämper to Zepezauer // establishment of the first free form college radio show in the ruhr area (2005 to present) // long-time member of the innovative large band & improv collective „The Dorf“ // curation of the experimental concert series „mex“ at the Künstlerhaus Dortmund // completely DIY production of his CD „Choose Your Favorite Nothing“ featuring original artwork in handmade limited edition // currently also his DIY release „Zentrifuge“ with solo songs and electronics in handmade unique cardboard sleeves // as well as his mindbreaking „Cardtalk“ – project featuring an ancient cardboard phonograph with recycled CD that has sound carved onto its surface // releasing vinyl, cassettes and CDs in many settings


In his concerts, Achim Zepezauer interweaves samples from old records and prepared cassettes to fluent sound pieces by sending the signals through his electric pedalboard. He pursues the goal to ignore expectations and therefor improvises in the best sense without the borders of genres in mind. Every concert is a search for sound between tonal and atonal soundscapes, rhythms, scraps of words, abstract and concrete sounds. By invitation Zepezauer follows the concept of remixing concerts of other artists. He records their live-sets played before him and uses the captured material strictly as a sound source for subsequently generating a completely new concert from it. On other occasions zepezauer sets films to music. Choosing either his own more experimental short films or older silent movies and adds to film and music another dimension.


Kuhzunft (Achim Zepezauer): “Slotmachine” (Gruen 186/19)