100 Finnish Soundscapes


100 Japanese Soundscapes (pdf)







The soundscape of Parolannummi garrison is from the winter of 2006 and is mixed with archive sounds of Finnish Proto Sisu lorries, BTR 60 armoured cars that has been reassembled from old Russian Zil and Gaz vehicles, and T 55 and T 72 battle tanks. Recorded by Ari Koivumäki.


"Rain Drops On A Shingle Roof"



"From my childhood in the countryside in 1940-50 I remember the cluttering sound of rain drops on to the shingle roof in the cottage we slept in summer. It was easy fall asleep to the sound of the gentle clutter in absolute darkness." YLE (Finnish Broadcasting Company) recording archive.


"Throwing Small Pebbles On Thin Ice"



"When I was ten I remember going to the lake with my friends. There we would throw small pebbles on the thin ice, just after the first frosty night." The recording was made at Tesoma lake in Tampere . Ducks are heard in the foreground, ice hockey is being played in the background. Recorded by Ari Koivumäki.