Goran Vejvoda
is an artist. He works inside modular frameworks, where sound, language, vision, thought, science, etc. act upon each other. Multiple levels of interaction inside these fields produce pieces from the smallest objects to the immaterial.





"Inside Reverberation"



"Inside reverberation" is a reflective voice piece on sound topics that are part of various centres of interest that I’m working on in parallel, like the – BodySpeaker – element (see Autumn Leaves, pp. 26 – 27). The title itself is important because it represents a state of being not only surrounded by sonic information but also being in its reflection, which coincides with the words that are spoken alternatively by real or fake voices. Even thought some considerations may seem odd, humorous, referential, hypothetical, poetic or simply sonorous they are a kind of verbal ricochet of what happens rather illogically to all sounds that we dwell in. The spatial characteristics are minimum, almost black and white. A different spin, so stimulating. All this is sound, all this was sound.