snow | 11min


snow | 11min
GrD 31 | Vinyl [order]
Limited Edition 12″Vinyl + postcard with download code


Seoul based duo 11min is an instrumental unit, 11(Jiyeon Kim) – pianist/composer/sound artist and min(Sangyong Min) – drummer/sound engineer/producer. Their music has been described as minimalistic-acoustica but they draw equally on jazz, ambient, and glitchy-electronica.


Released on September 24, 2019






snow keeps falling(snowREMIX)


6 Tracks (37′01″)
Vinyl (300 copies)





11 – Piano
Sangyong Min – Drum


All tracks written and performed by 11min except:
– snow keeps falling(snowREMIX) by 11
– loose by 11


Recording: 11(piano), Sangyong Min(drum)
Mixing: Sangyong Min, 11
Mastering: Sangyong Min at studioLOG, seoul
Lacquer cut: Kitaro Beeh, Schnittstelle, berin
Artwork: 11
Video: Mihye Cha


Label: Weather Music
Manufactured by Handle With Care
Vinyl distribution by Gruenrekorder


Official Video



(video still from music video directed by Mihye Cha)


Sound Art Series by Gruenrekorder
Gruenrekorder / Germany / 2019 / GrD 31 / LC 09488





Frans de Waard | VITAL WEEKLY
You would think that 11min stands for 11 minutes, but it a piano player who is called 11 (I will refrain from ‚Stranger Things‘ jokes) and Sangyong Min on drums. For both, we could not find much information online, as the latter brought me to car websites, even when the spelling is slightly different. The mastering was done in Seoul, so these musicians could also be from South Korea. Gruenrekorder is a label mostly known for their releases with sound art and field recordings, but they also have a section devoted to improvised music and that is the field where we find the music on this album. One could even say this album is a bit jazz like; throughout the music is laidback and easy and it reminded me of some Austrian music of some years ago (bands like Radian, Kapital Band 1, Efzeg and such like) and Australian jazz from some years ago (Spartak, Triosk and 3ofmillions), but since I easily admit nor pretend to be an expert of this kind of things, and only know what I heard over the years, there might be other examples out there. There are four duo pieces on the first side of the record, in which there is a fine interaction going on between both players, not emphasizing either instrument, but some fine gentle slowly paced music. On the other side there is a remix of the title track (opening on side A), now called ‚Snow Keeps falling (snow Remix)‘ by 11 and it sounds curiously close to the original but now expanded quite a bit and 11 keeps finding new configurations for both instruments to interact. I assume this is all done on the computer, but 11 maintain a fine flow for this. ‚Loose‘, also on this side of the record, is a solo composition by 11 according to the cover and I still hear piano and drums for this, so perhaps Min plays a role too? There are also vocals used, dreamingly humming away, which I thought sounded a bit out of place, but alas. This is neat, delicate music, very pleasant. I love to read part 1 (see elsewhere for part 2). If I could do that all day, plus listening to music (without the obligation to write about it) and drink coffee (and hopefully still sleep well at night), then that would almost perfect; maybe watch one movie every evening.