Ekrem Mülayim

Born and raised where Europe meets Asia and inter-continental travel is but a daily routine, Ekrem grew up to be a multi-disciplinary artist in the fields of music, performance and visual arts.


With music as his primary focus, Ekrem is a singer/composer who writes mainly for human voice exploring alternative ways of music making. Drawing inspiration from the ritualistic traditions of various cultures of the world, he approaches composition as a journey, from start to (never actually) finish…


With cross-disciplinary leaps Ekrem’s music has been described as visual, depictive and even tactile while he strives on to write an olfactory piece in near future………





Lost Souls


Words, uttered and gone. Shoes beside a dead man’s bed, the pillow still cradling the indent of an absent head… Stories once told, who remembers them now? Lest some forget : A choir assembled with words to speak of. They  wrote of lives; future, present and past. Stories of their own and of others alike. The text created, collated and interwoven, was then in their hands to be spoken.


The Lost Souls is an uttering of individuals in co-existence. Chorists have the choice of existing on their own as well as being part of the whole. They choose two signature sounds for themselves and then utter the six interwoven stories according to five instructions. Combinations, initiated by the conductor using sign language, yield an infinitely changing ritual of recount and remembrance.



Ekrem Mülayim
Daniel Portelli       
Jane McKernan

Luke Bozzetto

Michelle Outram
Tamarah Tossey
Michael Rean


Composed & Conducted by Ekrem Mülayim