Ellen Moffat
Ellen Moffat’s work is a research-driven inquiry into sound, space and text-image projection using structure and spontaneity, and high/low technology and aesthetics as a dialectics. Her focus is questions of place, experience and perception using proposition and poetics to consider the relations of the individual and the collective as a social, democratic concept. She has exhibited nationally and internationally in gallery and off-site events. Born in Toronto, she lives in Saskatoon as an independent artist and free-lance cultural worker.





f_l_w_z correlates multi-channel sound with text-images using four sets of phonemes as note events and glyphs, the visual symbols of phonemic sound, as text-image projections through a text-fountain function in Max/MSP. This work is part of ‚The Phoneme Project‘ (2005-2008), a thematic exploration of polyphonic composition and spatialized sound using the International Phonetic Alphabet as source material. Various iterations of the work have been presented as installation, in performance and as interactive instruments. As granular units of spoken language, phonemes are rich material for semantic tease and linguistic possibility, straddling sense, non-sense, rhythm and cacophony. The work is influenced by concrete and phonetic poetry of the Dadaists, Futurists and contemporary sound poets.