Iris Garrelfs

is a sound artist and composer interested in the in-between. A nomad  “generating animated dialogues between innate human expressiveness and the overt artifice of digital processing” as the Wire magazine put it. Others have compared her music to Philip Glass, Joan La Barbara and Henri Chopin. Iris looks at the interplay of presence, technology and human expression through performances, mixed media projects, and recordings.


Her work has been part of prison events, festivals, galleries, conferences and museums abroad and in the UK including the Gaudeamus Festival, The Royal Academy and Frieze Art Fair. She was a trustee of Sonic Arts Network and is one of the founding directors/curators of Sprawl. Iris is currently acting as a Creative Agent for the Royal Opera House Creative Partnerships.





K is a companion piece to Iris Garrelf’s contribution to Playing with Words: the Spoken Word in Artistic Practice (Lane, 2008)


K plays with just one word. Or one letter, looked at from the English language point of view. What is your point of view? Does the sound mean anything to you?


From my point of view, k is a piece stimulating and stimulated by human processes. Also, it is an invitation to a conversation. I made it in one go with the infamous Kaoss-Pad []. Is that why I was thinking of a  K you think?


How do you listen to it? Is this a piece of music? Do you enjoy its little imperfections?
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