Julian Weaver
is an artist with a predilection for the anachronistic. His works are characterised by undue attention to the idiosyncrasies of fields of enquiry which underpin western cultural practice.
His somewhat sporadic output appears at intervals between his work as director of finetuned; an organisation that commissions and exhibits works by artists that manifest a particular engagement with sound, and commercial new media project development.
He has exhibited works at various locations since 1993 including Pandemonium, ICA 1996, Transmediale, Berlin 1995 and 1997, Photo ’98, ISEA 2004 and placard #5 and #8.



Certain Irregularities


Specially composed for this release, ‚Certain Irregularities‘ contains an excerpt from the forthcoming multi-channel installation ‚Between the Sheets‘ which traces the final weeks of the logician George Boole.
The piece is dominated by a narrated extract from Home Side of a Scientific Mind written soon after George’s death  by his wife Mary Everest Boole1, which provides a thin account of those final days. Subsequent recollections of this period by other family members offer anecdotal evidence pointing to omissions in Mary’s account.
‚Certain Irregularities‘ focusses on the flimsy tenure with which we retrieve the past,  given that we are only ever afforded a partial record of events. This tenuousness is reflected in the accompanying sound via temporal and resonant inconsistencies and sonic artifacts which contrive to discompose the narrative flow.
Narration by Marney Walker