Arno Peeters

(1969) is an autodidact sounddesigner and composer, living in Utrecht, The Netherlands, where he has his private studio and company. He’s a producer for Radio 6 (Dutch National Radio) and works in many fields of sound, both commercial and ’no budget‘, ranging from 5.1. mastering and remixing, to restoration, audiovisual and location-specific. His work has been released an performed worldwide.

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It’s a soundscape, based on field-recordings I made in Scotland and Germany in 2006. It features recordings of a stable with cows eating and nervously moving about, a solid steel gate in an empty field, a dark pine wood at 5AM in the morning and sounds captured on a wooden wildlife observatory post that’s been abandoned for years.
Most of these sounds have been mangled and processed to fit to my inner image of self-generated fears, based on feelings about those same spots where the recordings took place: alone in the dark woods, unrest amongst animals… A rather self generated ‚Extra Sensory Perception‘ in auditive practice.