Jorn Ebner - Photo by Gunnar Geller


Jorn Ebner
Born in Bremerhaven, Jorn Ebner grew up outside of Hamburg, studied Literature, History and Art History at the University of Hamburg and Fine Art at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. He lived in London and Newcastle upon Tyne, before moving to Berlin, where he now lives.


Ebner works with browsers, sound and drawings, concerned with cityscape / landscape. For his work for browsers “Lee Marvin Toolbox” (2001), he was awarded the Kunstpreis des Medienforums München 2001: a hybrid of text and animations, accompanied by his own cover version of Marvin’s Wanderin‘ Star. Since then, Ebner develops soundscapes of cities and landscapes, referencing specific cultural interests (film, literature, music) – often in close relation to drawings or photography. „Perifaerye“ (2023) – a cross-media work comprising of sound, image and text in the shape of a record release, a book, a website, billboard and other posters – was funded by the City of Hamburg. Department of Culture and Media.


Jorn Ebner: “Perifaerye” (Gruen 219/23)