Maksims Shentelevs

(my-ym) – architect, phonographer and sound artist based in Riga, Latvia. Since 1998 participates in architectural / interdisciplinary art events / workshops throughout Europe. Has published sound works in compilations on such labels as SIRR (PT), Gruenrekorder (DE), Universinternational (FR). Active in field recording since 2002. Focusing on sound gathering as non intervention policy for observation of structural models in nature. Usually field studies such as field-mix, soundscape mapping, sound-gathering become basic material for following work in studio. In his field research mainly interested in biotopes referring habitats of insects and small creatures, self-referent and macro scale structures. Recently involves self-made acoustic and electro acoustic instruments and sound objects as tools for mutual discourse with nature. In 2007 initiated sound impromptu collective "bernu rits" – "children morning".

Jez riley French ….’in place‘: four questions # 19


1978 – Born in Riga, Latvia
2002 – Graduated Faculty of Architecture. RTU, Riga.
2002 – Field recording and phonography practice
2007 – Initiator of sound impromptu collective "bernu rits"




– "soundforest 03" – participance in festival of experimental music, LV.
– cofounder of net label "audiot"


– "soundforest 04" – participance in festival of experimental music, LV.
-"mikrostraava" – co-organizer of series of events dedicated to microsound and experimental music in Riga.
-"PostsovKhoZ-4 / isolation" – International Summer Arts Symposium. MoKS,Mooste, Estonia.
-"PTM #1" – participance in Art Symposium "Pushing the Medium: Sound Investigations", MoKS,  Estonia;


-"TAJU-O5" – multimedia event / workshop, Hyvinkaa, Finland.
– "PostsovKhoZ­-5/ Public Private" – International Art Event . MoKS,Mooste, Estonia;


– "PTM #2" – art symposium. Nodar, Portugal.
– "PostsovKhoZ­-6/ Human Animal" – International Art Event . MoKS,Mooste, Estonia;


– "soundforest 07" – participance in festival of experimental music, LV.
– "mijatmina" – organizer of soundscape festival. Riga.
– "Riga Sound Locations" – co-organizer of sitespecific sound workshop in collaboration with John Grzinich and gallery NOASS, Riga, Latvia.

– "Fronte[i]ras 07" – I international meeting of transdisciplinary art. Portugal/Spain.
– "SKAN" – sound installation exhibition. Riga, Latvia.



Maksims Shentelevs: "Recorded in Yemen" (Gr 048/07)

V.A.: "Recorded in the Field By…" (Gruen 033/06)