Martin Moritz


Martin Moritz

starting out as a DJ for electronic dance music and experimental electronica, martin moritz has developed a highly eclectic style in his own productions. ranging from deconstructive techno to experimental feedback compositions, his tracks are inspired by the musical heterogeneity of the DJ trade, incorporating a variety of styles and production techniques. This experimental attitude of "anything goes" and a punk-derived DIY-philosophy combine in eccentric compositions and unpredictable live sets. Investigating the structuralities of rhythm and the spatialities of sound, moritz has boldly set out on an adventurous expedition into the farthest reaches of the known sonar world.



V.A.: "Gruenrekorder AudioArt Compilation 02" (Gruen 030/05)

V.A.: "Gruenrekorder AudioArt Compilation 03" (Gruen 041/06)

V.A.: "Finnish Snow-Walks and Dances" (Gruen 032/05)

V.A.: "Der Michel und der Dom" (Gruen 002/05)