Stéphane Montavon


Stéphane Montavon

lives in Basel, Switzerland. Having studied in Neuchâtel, Berlin and Boulder, he has a Master degree in Latin and French literature. As a poet, field recordist and dramaturg for performance projects and sound installation he is interested into autofiction, in situ voices and gestures. Some of his texts are available at

He often worked in collaboration with Gilles Aubry on projects like Camp Victory (2005, – performance based on American military blogs.

Cairo Talking Heads (2007, – audio-blog about urban situations and soundscapes in Cairo.

Belju Sound Bridge (2009, – network of audio installations in public locations at the Swiss-French Border.



Gilles Aubry & Stéphane Montavon: “Les écoutis le caire” (Gruen 061/10)