Cables & Signs (ten underwater field recordings) | Thomas Tilly


Cables & Signs (ten underwater field recordings) | Thomas Tilly
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Cables & Signs 1

Cables & Signs 2
Cables & Signs 3

Cables & Signs 4
Cables & Signs 5
Cables & Signs 6
Cables & Signs 7
Cables & Signs 8

Cables & Signs 9
Cables & Signs 10


10 Track (54′56″)


These sound pieces all originate from hydrophonic mono recordings, carried out during summer 2009 in the waters of a moat of a castle in the west of France.


During these recording sessions, I came to realise that some of the sounds generated there (Cables & Signs 1, 5 et 10) were modulated by variations in the intensity of the sun on the surface of the water. Even though I was not able to accurately identify the species emitting them, I now know they were produced by insects and aquatic plants.


Fascinated by their relation to the external environment, by the concentration of these phenomena on the site and by some of the effects they produce on the ear, I selected fifty minutes out of the five hours of material gathered on location. Naturally composed and modulated by the environment, these ten excerpts result from a careful and subjective listening process and now exist through this format as musical pieces. Apart from a slight equalisation, none of these works were electronically altered or edited.


Gruenrekorder / Germany / 2010 / GrD 17 / LC 09488