born: 07.06.1964 in Hanover drums | synthesizer | singing | home studio recordings | experimental noise-und music assemblies | audio design (Hamburg) | collages | kitsch | art | anti-art|


1980: CLOSEDUNRUH (open project) Functioned on the level of text | rhythm | sound | Clay/tone |and noise assemblies. recordings with radiorecorder | walkman | 4-track tape | assemblies over 2 tape decks.


From 1980 until 2000 be created 51 MC´s. Reduced to 28 tapes you can find them at the following adress: in the Internet to find reduced are.


1980-2002: Live performances with various projects in germany | netherlands | spain.


1998: Antrieb | FIRA label of Thomas Tier Wolff. Publishes Punk | New Wave | Underground | Instrument valley | Electronics | and Experimentals.


1999: OHRGINAL (open project) existed as an experimental instrument valley project of Thomas Tier Wolff and on the level of sound, rhythm, clay/tone and noise assemblies. Experiences and visions are formed in different steps to musical landscapes, which different music directions, structures and tendencies to contain. OHRGINAL calls for listening in easily superelevated reality. Musical reciprocal effects result from recording technology, instrumenting and the influence of other musicians. The results are worth and maintenance-free and permit more than truth.


From 1999 to 2004 developed 6 MC´s, which are to be found under in the Internet.


2000: CLOSEDUNRUH meets SCHEUERLEISTE: Regulated times | Multimedix fair (Hamburg) | experimental electronic performance.


2001: CLOSEDUNRUH CD: Sand Atmet Zeit-Los! (Sand breathes time-less!) 10 experimental | instrumental music assemblies. Label: E KLAGETO (electronic | sound | noise | clay/tone) A. FIXSTERN.


2002: CLOSEDUNRUH CD: Entsichert (safety catch off) Released (as limited edition 200 CD’s) 19 experimental | instrumental music assemblies from 1997 to 2002. Label: E KLAGETO


2003: OHRGINAL CD: OHRGINAL (limited edition 100 CD’s) 17 experimental instrument valley assemblies in the junkyard-style. Of the MC´s "first pricker" and " forces of nature" 2000 | 2003. Label: ANTRIEB FIRA


2004: OHRGINAL CD: Combinations 17 experimental noise | and instrument valley assemblies of 2003 | 2004. Label: ANTRIEB FIRA


2004: OHRGINAL CD: Constructions 1 – 7 Experimental noise | and instrument valley assemblies 2004. Nature sound | working sphere | tendencies with mixed consciousness changes.


OHRGINAL calls to listen in easily superelevated reality.





Ohrginal: "Kombinationen" (Gr 019/04)
Ohrginal: "Konstruktionen 1-7" (Gr 020/04)

V.A.: "Gruenrekorder AudioArt Compilation 02" (Gruen 030/05)