Tobias Schmitt


SZMT [ʃmɪt]
szmt contextualizes seemingly contradictory material and techniques. All input is equal and will be formed into a coherent but nevertheless open to misinterpretation result by means of improvisation and composition. szmt is Tobias Schmitt who besides his solo work as Suspicion Breeds Confidence is involved in plenty of collaborations, releases sometimes, plays sometimes live somewhere on this planet.
Furthermore he is the co-curator of Xerox Exotique (Frankfurt, Germany).



Waldlust: „Nachtruhe“ (Gr 015/05)

V.A.: „Der Michel und der Dom“ (Gruen 002/05)

V.A.: „Gruenrekorder AudioArt Compilation 02“ (Gruen 030/05)

V.A.: „Finnish Snow-Walks and Dances“ (Gruen 032/05)

V.A.: „Gruenrekorder AudioArt Compilation 03“ (Gruen 041/06)

Suspicion Breeds Confidence:
The Fauna and Flora of the Vatican City“ (Gruen 052/08)

V.A.: „SONIC VIGIL 4“ (GrD 13/09)

szmt: „PARVENU“ (Gruen 178/17)