Dogs from the snowy country | Lasse-Marc Riek


Dogs from the snowy country | Lasse-Marc Riek
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Soundrecordings of sledge dogs in Northern Finland


Saija-Farm, Jokijärvi, Finland: Asko Karpinnen, the guard of 41 sledge dogs, has got plenty of stories to tell about the dogs of the snow, a mixture of Alaskan Malamut and Sibirian Husky. He talked a lot about the work with the dogs, about the attention and the love the dogs need. I went along with Asko feeding the dogs, harnessing them to the sladge and riding the sledge. The dogs sleep outside in small groups in enclosures. They have times of ceremonies when they sing or howl together for minutes. They have a natural hierarchy and therefore are espescially suitable for pulling loads. They run as a team and in row, at the top the leading dog.


The sledge dogs, cultivated by the Inuit for more than 2000 years, are known for their tenacity and resistance. They are very modest and hunting in the pack they show many signs of wolfish behaviour. For humans it`s a unique chance to experience and to live with such close relatives of the wolves.


01 Fütterung

02 Vorbereitung


03 Bewegung

04 Ferne


4 Tracks (33’00″)
Gruenrekorder / Germany / 2004 / Gr 004 / LC 09488