Magnet | Jeremy Bible & Jason Henry


Magnet | Jeremy Bible & Jason Henry

Gr 067 | Gruen CD-R > [Sold Out]

Processed Field Recordings & Electro-Acoustic Sound Art Collage


01 magnet

02 grv
03 vaccm

04 wstrn

05 hidetuo


5 Tracks (60’03")
CD-R (50 copies)


SYNOPSIS: Magnet is the second disc in a two part album concept for the Gruenrekorder label by Canton, Ohio, US based sound artists Jeremy Bible & Jason Henry. Magnet combines multiple elements in order to create constructed fictional environments, realities, locations, and atmospheres. Field recordings captured from the northeast Ohio region and often times in and around the individual artist’s homes, processed and clean, play a large part, alongside treated and processed acoustic instruments and subtle touches of electronic sound design.


CONCEPT: The two albums, Marker and Magnet, were created with the intention of being experienced both individually and consecutively allowing for up to four unique listening contexts. It is also recommended that the pieces which the two albums are comprised of are combined and experienced in a random manner creating infinite listening experiences.


PROCESS: The sound elements presented on both Marker & Magnet were recorded, composed, performed, collected, and organized by the artists individually over a period of time for the intention of a single impromptu & improvised collaborative recording session. Following this ‚content collection‘ period the artists met for a lengthy recording session where these individual sound elements were arranged, processed, and mixed by the two artists in an improvisational manner under conditions of half sleep like states of subconscious focus. The elements of surprise introduced in a collaborative improvisational recording scenario play a large role in the duo’s process and resulting sound works.



Audio: Jeremy Bible & Jason Henry / Canton, Ohio, United States / 2007
Artwork: Jeremy Bible, Canton, Ohio / 2008
Gruenrekorder / Germany / 2009 / Gr 067 / LC 09488





Frans de Waard | VITAL WEEKLY

Apparently Gruenrekorder is happy with Jeremy Bible and Jason Henry. Following their ‚Marker‘ release (see Vital Weekly 646), here is ‚Magnet‘. The two have had their releases on their own Experimedia label, and all of the releases deal with instruments being processed, found sound and mucho effects. Especially the delay pedals are pushed through the floor. It seems to me that the rhythmic aspect of ‚Marker‘ is left behind, and that they are now more or less improvising their way through a given set of sound. I am not sure however if that is really a good idea. The five pieces are quite long, but seem to be lacking variation and depth. Editing should have been in place I guess, and not the entire piece. I am not sure why they do what they do. My guess would be that their intention is to create an atmospheric sound, but perhaps also due to the relative low volume, this hardly comes across. Things stay very remote and far away. That is a pity. I sense there is a lot more in this music, which doesn’t seem to get out very much. Unless of course this is a deliberate thing, which could very well be the case, I’d say there is lots of room for improvement.