Alajärvi´s Voice | Lasse-Marc Riek


Alajärvi´s Voice | Lasse-Marc Riek

Gr 010 | Gruen CD-R > [Sold Out]

2 soundscape-compositions about Alajärvi in Finland


The 2 soundscape-compositions emerged from a "artist in residence" programme, offered by the Nelimarkka Museum in Alajärvi. They are made out of ordinary sounds of the city as well as sounds of the environment and the studio. Recordings were made of birds, night-skiing, ice hockey, dogs, a alarm clock, mobile phones, a mikrowave oven, a coffee machine, a cooker hood, the library, the supermarket, footsteps in snow, dripping water, the washing-up, wind, cars and a fridge. All these field recordings were arranged in a surreal surrounding and presented as a sound installation during the exhibition "Lumisota/Schneekrieg" at the Nelimarkka Museum. The recordings contain as well passages of the Finnish national epos "Kalevala" and of Finnish lullabys sung by Sanna Ojanne, Finland.


01 Teil I | excerpt:


02 Teil II


2 Tracks (37’48")
CD-R (50 copies)


Alajärvi / Finland / 2003

Gruenrekorder / Germany / 2004 / Gr 010 / LC 09488