Feeding Buzzes of European Bats | Lasse-Marc Riek


Feeding Buzzes of European Bats | Lasse-Marc Riek
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3 compositions out of position finding sounds of european bats


Lasse-Marc Riek works on bats sounds in co-operation with the researchers Matthias Göttsche and Stefan Lüders (Fledermausschutz Bad Segeberg). The present compositions are based on ultrasound calls that were made audible. The impulses sent out by the bats while hunting give the structure to the compositions. When the bat comes close to its prey (insect) it changes its pulse rate. The more it approaches its victim the shorter the signal becomes. Trough this technique the „hunters of the night“ get a really clear picture and can catch their prey. In the audio work „Feeding Buzzes of European Bats“ a lot of breaks are filled up with silence and stressing situations are established by interferences. The last track ends with an almost inconspicuous increase of sound and volume and produces an approach to the listener.


01 Feeding Buzz 01

02 Feeding Buzz 02


03 Feeding Buzz 03


3 Tracks (20’08“)

Gruenrekorder / Germany / 2004 / Gr 006 / LC 09488