locating signal | Lasse-Marc Riek


locating signal | Lasse-Marc Riek
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7 bioacoustic compositions about european bats



Since May 2003 location shouts and social sounds of bats were collected by means of stereo-microphones and ultrasound-detectors. Social sounds such as the communication between a motherbat and her child can be heard by the human ear. Location shouts, used for orientation and hunting, are in the range of ultrasounds and can`t be registered by people. The sounds of the bats were recorded during excursions in cooperation with bat researchers of the „Naturschutzbund Kreis Segeberg“ of the following species: Pipistrellus, Nyctalus, Eptesicus, Myotis.



The machine transforms the inaudible ultrasounds (sounds higher than 22khz) in audible sounds. In real time recordings you hear clicking sounds and by means of slow or fast motion these sounds are transformed in wet or dry chirping or twittering sounds. The recorded material was analog and digitally edited and arranged and converted into a composition.



sounds, recorded by chance, a minute in a busy shopping area , the high whistling of a stone-saw, the to and fro of busses, the scraps of conversation of people passing by, the sounds of ringing mobile phones, doors and traffic lights, the barking of dogs and the singing of birds turns into a score. The sounds of the streets were replaced with the transformed bat material, according to rhythm and pitch.


01 Abendsegelnder Mischdetektor

02 Reitende Höhlentiere


03 Modulierte Echtzeittiere


04 Lotendes Sonarwild

05 Jagende Abflugtiere

06 Gefangene Netztiere

07 Besprochener Waldkauz


7 Tracks (41’49“)

Gruenrekorder / Germany / 2003 / Gr 005 / LC 09488