Xylol | Stefan Funck


Xylol | Stefan Funck

Gr 037 | Gruen CD-R > [Sold Out]

2 acoustic expeditions


the title "xylol" was inspired by the strange acoustics that perhaps all those may know who work with thinners… by working wit thinners like xylol one experiences a state of very tight attention with a pinching auditive reception, wich characteristics and mood led me to this piece of sound. the sorces for the sound are rain in my mobile home, drums and partypeople at a festival, engines, walking at night and in the snow, and there are electronic sounds and feedbacks also. the photos on the cover i took at the festival, the main motive is the inside of a portable toilet, which acoustics are somekind of equal to those of a xylol deliria…

the second track "wasch" is simply based on the noise-emissions of my washing-machine. this skeleton led me to expeditions into the audible worlds of water, engine, clothing and waterwork-pipes. the sounds produced in long pipe-systems again brings my to xylol because of the similarreception of the audio, and perhaps because of some similar claustrophobic feeling…


Xylol | Stefan Funck


1. Xylol | 28.14 min | cutting:


2. wasch | 19.35 min | cutting:



2 Tracks (47’49")
CD-R (50 copies)


Hamburg / 2006

Gruenrekorder / Germany / 2006 / Gr 037 / LC 09488 


The first 12 CD-R with a Xylol supplement.

Mr. Funck painted them. They’re all unique copies, of course.


Xylol supplement