Nachtruhe | Waldlust (Schmitt/Riek)


Nachtruhe | Waldlust

Gr 015 | Gruen CD-R > [Sold Out]

Improvisation with fieldrecordings and electronica 2003-2004


01 live at platform, vaasa // 2004

02 live at galerie happihone, helsinki // 2004 MP3

03 live at galerie happihone, helsinki // 2004

04 live at radio x, frankfurt am main //2003 MP3

05 live at skam, hamburg // 2004

06 live at radio x, frankfurt am main // 2004


6 Tracks (51’00")
CD-R (50 copies)


Gruenrekorder / Germany / 2005 / Gr 015 / LC 09488




01 EAR/Rational | Don Poe

The cover of this paper folded sleeve is dark and rich – holding it at different angles to the light let’s me see the fur and texture of the animal on the cover. Inside is gloriously obtuse music, mostly sounds and what could be source recordings layered and composed. Electronic sounds bubble in and whoosh by while birds chirp, water drips in a quartet of styles. Very natural and disturbing. There is an emotional tone on here that is unsettling, nervous and enticing. What could be the sound of cars racing turns into electronic crickets, a lullaby is meant for bad dreams after the circuits start bending, All deliciously dangerous music that isn’t harsh, just haunting.