Jez riley French


Jez riley French (b. 1965)

My work involves elements of intuitive composition, field recording (using conventional & extended methods), photographic images / photographic scores and improvisation.


In recent years I have been working closely with specific spaces (natural and man-made), capturing, when fortune prevails, moments that connect with a personal sense of place. I am fascinated and passionate about the infinite detail and expanding vistas of life around us, its sights and sounds, often overlooked or hidden, and their ability to help us experience anew the environments in which we spend our time. My creative output focuses on this never ending, joyous exploration and has increasingly involved a closer relationship with audible silence, active listening, stillness & the empathy of compositional lines. These evolved from my need to always remain open to my emotive, intuitive response to situations & environments’ – JrF


Alongside his own creative work, JrF also builds specialist contact microphones & hydrophones, curates the engraved glass & . point engraved cd editions, the ‘a quiet position’ series of online releases / forums exploring the broad ideas surrounding the act and art of listening through field recording and lectures on both field recording and intuitive composition as a guest lecturer & on the regular Wildeye International School of Wildlife film making residential location sound recording courses in the UK and Europe. Recently Jez has been artist in residence with organisations in Estonia, Belgium, France, Portugal, Latvia, Italy, Japan, Korea & Austria.



V.A.: “Rhythm” (Gruen 050/07)
V.A.: “Somewhere on the Edge” (GrDl 100/12)
Jez riley French: „Estonian Strings“ (GrDl 106/12)