Somewhere on the edge | Various Artists


untitled by Chad Clark | 15:00




Within the context of a broader understanding of an evolving Digital/Information Society, some researchers have critically stated that the characteristic of place-based communities as durable and continual environments for education and development has been distorted by the emergence of digitally-enabled, highly individualized, networked relationships such as Facebook and Twitter. The overarching example of these connections established without face to face contact has been interpreted in some circles as a phenomena that is conducive to cultivating an environment that undermines the possibility of solidarity for which in the past has proven to be the most effective basis for effective societal change.  However, a space that co-exists with the autonomous diffusion of and decentralized access to technology may very well exist in a purer form than we have yet to see through the dynamic models shown in occupations ignited by the digital connections of social media networks.


Location: Chicago, IL. Walking east starting from outside of the Federal Reserve Bank at 140 West Jackson Blvd to 500 Congress Parkway.
Date: October 22nd, 2011