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In front of the Music University in Warszaw by Merzouga | 06:22




Delicately processed field-recording taken from Merzouga’s debut sound-composition  “BERLIN-WARSZAWA-EXPRESS” (Radio_Copernicus 2005)


In “BERLIN-WARSZAWA-EXPRESS”, commissioned by the German-Polish Artists’ radio Radio_Copernicus, we arranged three field-recordings from Berlin and three from Warszaw to a musical sound-composition.  We were trying (and have been ever since) to put a focus on the musical qualities of the ambient sounds that life creates by musicalizing field-recordings (“Music in the sense of meaningful sound-patterns” – Bill Fontana). In this case we used a recording of about 7 minutes in a little park in front of Warszaw’s Music University on a sunny day with all windows wide open. The
birds in a tree in front of the building seem to pick up on the endless cascades of scales and phrases bubbling from the open windows above and even the sounds of builders using a buzz saw nearby seem to eventually tune into the music. This change of focus in our listening awareness has always
been of great interest to us. For those curious: The field-recording was taken on September 7, 2005 at 12:29 local time. The timeline of the field-recording remained unaltered. No sounds added; all musical processing was done using source material only.


Merzouga is Eva Pöpplein & Janko Hanushevsky
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