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blitzkrieg gemutlichkeit | dirk huelsTrunk

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acoustic images from the word sound planet


Blitz krieg Gemutlichkeit acoustic images from the word sound planet. sound is the universal language that no one understands. repetition is what everybody understands. press a button and dance to it. beat the book as you beat the drum. this is just a voice translated into bits. it tries to tell something. words are spoken. this is serious. no non-entertainment.



image 01 intro

image 02 mitreshundheisodang

image 03 the good man

image 04 beat the book

image 05 intro marc smith (green mill, chicago)

image 06 nie (green mill, chicago, june 13, 2004)

image 07 absch spbrrr (green mill, chicago, june 13, 2004)

image 08 ready mad


image09 nothing happens

image 10 ar bei te (green room, iowa city, june 2, 2004)

image 11 fall out

image 12 say something


image 13 preparations for the worst case

image 14 blitzkrieg gemutlichkeit

image 15 foward

image 16 poem against war

image 17 the difference

image 18 die woerter (stckn n mnm hls)/ the words (r stckng n m thrt)

image 19 bad man


image 20 rtzenpoink

image 21 i think (c. m, university of iowa)


21 Tracks (38’23“)
CD-R (50 copies)


dirk huelsTrunk: all voices, boss sp 202 sampler, air fx infrared effect). Tracks 5,6,7,10 recorded live during beat the book tour USA june 2004

d.h., Frankfurt/M. / 2004


Gruenrekorder / Germany / 2005 / Gr 028 / LC 09488