Somewhere on the edge | Various Artists


The Hollow Pine by SALA | 21:58




The piece is composed from the field recording material collected in the fall, 2011, during the creative workshop with the same name “ The Hollow Pine” that was held in Aukstaitija (north-east region of Lithuania) National Park. The original version of the composition with short video appeared as installation work in several art galleries and museums. However, we felt that visual material distracts the audience and us, as artists, from our main medium of work: sound.


So here SALA presents totally re-mixed version of “The Hollow Pine” – the one as it was supposed to be. A sound art composition with some kind of narrative. The pine with the hollow and a family of bees living inside – close-up look with contact microphones. The storm, rainfall and distant thunder – surroundings of the pine. The bees returning to their nest, touching microphones, inviting us to enter…to the imagined living factory with almost ritualized repetitious sound structure. Follow into the hollow.“